Life in Lockdown – Harmonise

Harmonise have adapted brilliantly to rehearsals on Zoom, learning some wonderful harmonies and creating some fantastic projects. We have learnt that it is possible to do a 2-part vocal warm up on Zoom (although it sounds quite funny!), and have enjoyed learning songs including ‘Africa’ by Toto, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ by Arlen & Harburg and ‘True Colours’ by Steinburg & Kelly.

Harmonise were challenged to record their harmony lines for ‘Africa’, which we had started learning in the rehearsal room before moving to Zoom. They absolutely accepted the challenge and here is the fantastic result!

‘Africa’ by Toto – sung by Harmonise

Not only has it been wonderful to see Harmonise each week at choir rehearsals, we have also had movie nights to take part in. Some of the group recorded some brilliant solos and put some videos together. Here is Finn, singing ’42nd Street’:

Here is Henry, singing ‘The Bare Necessities’:

This is ‘Lullaby of Broadway’ by Lucy:

WELL DONE Harmonise – what a fantastic term, you make an amazing team. We are so looking forward to getting started again in September, in the meantime, have a great summer!