Life in Lockdown – Children’s Choir

Since the end of March 2020, Cheltenham Children’s Choir have been continuing choir on Zoom each week, which is lots of fun! We do a quick ‘wake and shake’, then our vocal warm ups. We can still practise moving our mouths really quickly at home! 🙂 Then on to learning a song or two – this term we learnt a song from ‘Cats’ and even had a ‘Cats’-themed week, with ears, tails, facepaint and even some real cats on camera….

The Children’s Choir were set a project at the beginning of April, to make a video of ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’. This is one of our favourite songs this year and included ‘roars’! They were each allocated a line and WOW what a fantastic result. We had a movie night and dressed up for the movie premiere on Zoom – popcorn too. We hope you enjoy watching our ‘stay at home’ project….

I Just Can’t Wait to be King – our ‘stay at home’ project!

Amongst our continued weekly ‘Zoom Choir’ rehearsals, we created a second ‘stay at home’ project. This time, a challenge to put together a Musical Rainbow! The children were each allocated a colour and put together their colour video. The result is just AMAZING! Take a look….

We finished off the term with two wonderful Musical Theatre workshops, run by Ginny Burge. We learnt a song and dance each week (all in our own front rooms – no breakable objects were harmed…!) – and could do a performance by the end of each session. It was so much fun doing some movement as well as singing – thank you Ginny!

WELL DONE Children’s Choir – what amazing things you got up to last term! Have a wonderful Summer and we are so looking forward to seeing you for more musical adventures in September.

Here is a selection of our choir lockdown photos: