My story begins as that five year old girl, curious about the piano sat in the corner of the room. Wanting to play but not able to – yet!

I loved playing the piano as a child. I was wonderfully taught Mozart, Beethoven and many other classical pieces throughout my teenage years, but as a teenager, of course there were distractions. This is where I learnt to sing too.

Aged 11, I took up singing and haven’t stopped since. I learnt some brilliant things during three years in Bristol where I held a Music Scholarship at University. I had the opportunity to sing at Bristol Cathedral, Colston Hall and the Royal Festival Hall, London.

Now, I sing and play every day and have rediscovered my love of music and the FUN you can have. I have also played things that I haven’t enjoyed which, I understand, can be disheartening. I now feel I would like to teach my pupils to appreciate all kinds of music and in particular,  find the music they love most.

Personally, I have a particular love of musical theatre and recently played Grace in ‘Annie’ at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham last summer. I am also a member of the Cheltenham Community Choir, which I would highly recommend – we have a lot of fun.

The most important thing about music, in my opinion, is that it is enjoyed. Lessons need to be FUN! Working through grades may be useful and of course we can work on them if you want to, but here some important points that I like to focus on:

Practise because you LIKE to practise

Play because you ENJOY playing

SHARE your music with others